29, Ramahana Rd

A staged construction on a restricted budget for a mid thirties couple was the brief for this moderate sloped site in Huntsbury, Christchurch.

A workshop placed on the eastern portion equipped with a fold out bed to host guests resembles the new Zealand farm shed.  The room faces the site entry and is very well opened to the landscape by two aligned French doors and a glazed door to the North.

A forty five square meters unit (stage two) will dwell the couple until the main building is accomplished. This unit, an open plan dining kitchen living with a bathroom and bedroom on the mezzanine, is has a net across the void for lying down. The northern facade is generously glazed allowing lots of sun and the access to a small deck without compromising privacy to the house on the east.

Stage 3, a 73 square meters house. Big open space where services and bathroom are accommodated on the southern wall, wide openings to the North allow sunlight and the landscape to enter the house. The big glazed wall faces Northwest where a deck receives the afternoon sun. The second bedroom/office is placed in the centre with sliding door to all directions configuring an island on this generous open space when fully opened.

The buildings are well bounded by their similar geometry and continuous roof lines. Suspended cantilevered timber floors allow accommodating the building to the sloping contours while reducing cost.

A mixture of corrugated iron and vertical cedars weatherboards sheltered by roof overhang in two directions give this project the ideal climate condition and desired intimacy with the surroundings.